lunes, 6 de junio de 2016


Pronunciating another language is always difficult, it requires practice and patience.

Some of the problems may be:

1. The interference of our native tongue
2. The sounds that are not familiar to us

We would like to recommend you some activities that may improve your pronunciation:

1. Listen to the word several times, and repeat it as much as you need
 You can use the following link to listent to the words:

2. Watch extracts of series or movies and try to reproduce some dialogues as close as possible to the original

3. Listent to your favourite songs with lyrics in english and try to imitate the sounds

4. Use the pronunciation key of an english-english dictionary, this will help you to identify symbol and sound

5. Don't forget that practicing is the best way to achieve a clear pronunciation

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 Actividad: González Navarro

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