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We normally use IN:

1. Parts of a house. E.g. In the kitchen

2. Months, years, seasons and centuries. E.g. In spring

3. Work places as a physical location. E.g. He works in an office

4. With the following expressions: in the park, in the street, in the garden, in the city, in the country, in the museum, and in car

5. Moments in a day. E.g. In the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening

Resultado de imagen para amanecer
We normally use ON:

1. Days. E.g. On Monday

2. Position on any surface. E.g. On the table

3. Cardinal points. E.g. On the North

4. With the following expressions: on the second floor, on public transport, on your birthday, on foot

5. Date. On July 10th

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 We normally use AT:

1. Specific places. E.g. At Madison Square Garden

2. Addresses. E.g. I live at 608 Insurgentes Avenue

3. Hours. E.g. At 3:00 o' clock

4. Holidays. E.g. At Christmas

5. Meals during the day. E.g. At lunch

6. Moments in a day. E.g. At noon, at night, at midnight, at dawn

7. Places where a group of people is. E.g. At school, at the cinema, at university, at the airport, at the library, at a concert etc.

8. Public places where you can get services of different kind. E.g. At the  butcher's, at the beauty shop, at the bank etc.

9. With the following expressions: at home and at work

Resultado de imagen para salon de belleza

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Actividad: González Navarro Erika Paola

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